Our Story

Hi, I’m Julie (the one on the right).

After a particularly gruelling year of tearfully saying, “Just pull up your big girl panties and just KEEP GOING!” I developed the concept of the RockIt Wear panty. It spawned from the idea of using empowering words to uplift us with something that we wear every day.

Giving RockIt Wear panties to friends and hearing their outpouring of stories on why they embody their particular word, I realized the importance of a tangible thing we hold to keep us going and be our best self. This led me and my team to expand our product line that currently includes tank tops, empowering mugs and booty shorts. A saying on our hand, a mantra in the mirror, or a panty to pull on when you are faced with a struggle or a promise of a dream being realized.

Life is tough, but SOOO inspiring. We all just need a little help to launch us into being our awesome selves.

It’s more than a panty. It’s your story.


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